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About AGSI 
We represent 2,500 Sergeants and Inspectors in An Garda Síochána. The 13-member National Executive along with the Secretariat delivers the strategic aims of the Association. Our key role is to advocate for and represent our members, at various levels including Garda management, the Government, Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission, and various sub-committees.
Job Description 
Please review the full job description below 
Application Details
Please submit a cover letter detailing your relevant experience along with an up-to-date CV to joanne@digitaltraining.ie
Closing Date
The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 28th January
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview in February 2022. 


Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors

Office Administrator Job Description

The Administrative Assistant Reports to the General Secretary


There are seven key roles that the Administrative Assistant will have to complete on a daily/weekly basis.

  1. Database & Membership Management
  2. Insurance Claims
  3. Association Elections
  4. Association AGMs
  5. Annual Report
  6. Annual Delegate Conference
  7. National Executive Meeting Administration


Below we outline the description of tasks for each element of the post. 

  1. Database and Membership Management
  • Follow an agreed procedure for Sergeants and Inspectors joining AGSI.
  • Compile a mailshot to all newly promoted members of Sergeant rank congratulating them on their promotion and encouraging them to join the Assoc by outlining the numerous benefits of membership.
  • Process all new member application forms by entering them into the AGSI database.
  • Acknowledge receipt of application forms for Irish Life Spouse Optional Membership to newly promoted members seeking to join and then process the return of these via the Broker.
  • Formulate lists under their headings that issues to Justice (via email) for immediate deduction under various schemes when new applications have been entered. These lists also form part of the monthly insurance accounting system for the Brokers).
  • Follow up with appropriate signed paperwork to the Department of Justice.
  • Update Headquarters’ promotion list by noting new membership forms received.
  • Notify Branches and National Executive of all members recently signed up to Association.
  • Constant updating of the database in accordance with Personnel Bulletins – e.g. promotions, transfers, retirements, etc.
  • Prepare printout of Branch membership details as required by Branch Secretaries on a regular basis.
  • Liaise with Branch Officers on matters pertaining to membership enrolment and other matters which arise from time to time.
  • Monitor retired members due to exit


  • Write to all members on promotion enclosing various forms to cease all AGSI deductions along with other forms to commence on the Superintendents list
  • Transfer to all such members onto the Superintendent’s Database – different to the Sergeants & Inspectors database
  • Ensure forms are returned for onward transmission to Justice for action and deduction


  • Personal letter (signed by Gen Sec) to each member on retirement
  • Issue forms to retired members in Spouse Optional Scheme for continuation
  • Monitor and maintain records of returned forms, update database and transmit to Justice ensuring monthly deadlines, set by Justice in advance are adhered to
  • Constant checking of retired members due to exit scheme. Notify both member and Justice, in writing, in line with deadlines, again set by Justice in advance


  1. Insurance Claims
  • Procedure to be followed when processing claims
  • Insurance Claims – (Personal Accident, Sickness, Medical Discharge & Death)
  • Written acknowledgment of all claims form members, which arrive for processing, as well as outlining the normal procedure involved in bringing a claims to fruition
  • Scrutinize in detail all claims submitted prior to registering on our system and onward transmissions via email to the Brokers
  • Dealing on a personal level with members’ queries in a sensitive, caring, and confidential manner on a daily basis as well as updating computer files accordingly.
  • Constant contact with Brokers regarding the advancement of claims on an ongoing basis that involves reminders to claimants to supply and update medical certificates.
  • Keeping a record of all payments issued on the claims a well as any matters brought to our attention by the member and Brokers
  • Processing of death benefit claims via Irish Life. Arrange the submission of appropriate certificates as well as selling out details of the claimant’s membership history. Ensuring all claims are dealt with in a speedy, compassionate, and sympathetic fashion. Complete final communication with member enclosing payment from Irish Life
  • Close the file by notifying the Department of Justice to cease members deduction under the scheme
  • Ensuring renewal terms and conditions are negotiated in a timely and competitive manner for Professional Indemnity Cover as well as Office and Computer policies
  • Maintaining communications with Brokers providing the Group Specified Illness as well as Household Insurance Cover
  • Obtaining on a regular basis a printout of the membership of the scheme as well as ensuring brochures are available for distribution with the application for membership forms


  1. Association Elections
  • Ensuring all material required for the nomination process of Branch, National Executive, Trustee, Standing Orders, and Presidential elections are in order and sanctioned by the General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary
  • Subsequent preparation of appropriate nomination papers followed up by issuing of ballot papers in the various Elections as they arise
  • Advising candidates of their entitlements regarding access to Association data in the run-up to Elections and providing such material
  • Liaising with Returning Officer on all aspects of elections taking place and issuing sample ballot papers together with notification of figures required to conduct the count this would also include ballots of the general membership on various issues throughout the year
  • Subsequent updating of computer files of results of all elections held on record
  • Communicating with and receiving advice from Returning Officer in relation to the running of all elections as well as ballots of the general membership on various issues throughout the year


  1. Association AGMs
  • Preparing material for circulation to Branch Committees and National Executive in advance of Branch AGM’s, which includes amongst other items advice on how AGM’s should be structured and conducted
  • Setting dates relevant to the return of motions, amendments to the constitution, delegates to the conference
  • Listing parameters and guidelines for formulating motions


  1. Association Annual Report
  • Assisting in the completion of sections of the Annual Report relevant to insurance matters as well as other headings for which responsibility lies.


  1. Annual Delegate Conference
  • First Phase: Prepare a calendar of deadlines required to conduct Conference


  • Collate all documents returned following Branch AGM’s
  • Prepare necessary files showing allocation of the various draft motions received incorrect order and have available for meetings of the Services Committee on Conference Motions and Amendments to the Constitution
  • Assist in the preparation of circulating to all Branches and National Executive draft motions and amendments
  • Collating final documents for examination and inclusion in Annual Report
  • Second Phase: Prepare a list of guest’s invitations and replies in regard to the allocation of accommodation
  • Issuing invoices ahead of Conference for costs relating to Branch observers and guests
  • Liaising with Hotel on accommodation matters on an ongoing basis
  • Calculating and pairing all delegates, observers, guests, fraternal delegates, in preparation for final accommodation requirements by the hotel
  • Similar preparation for lapel badges and collation into Branches for packing and distribution at Conference
  • Issuing of Annual Report to all delegates as well as for fraternal delegates and guests with
  • accompanying letters
  • Collating material for distribution to each attendee at Conference (e. g, Association pens, badge, Standing Orders nomination papers, etc, ensuring last-minute alterations have been attended to)
  • Dividing delegates into two lists in preparation for signing in on the day of arrival at Conference
  • Assisting Public Relations Officer with any last-minute matters concerning the smooth running of Conference
  • Third Phase: Assisting in the registration of all attendees on arrival at Conference Continuous liaison with Hotel reception on accommodation matters as they may arise
  • Ensuring that alterations to delegates on the day of arrival are noted on the ballot lists and alternative badges prepared accordingly
  • Preparing Standing Orders ballot paper and issuing on the second day of Conference to delegates along with Trustee ballot paper
  • Assisting Returning Officer with the preparations in organisation count of Trustee and Standing Orders Election as well as when the National Executive and Presidential elections take place
  • Ensure Branch stewards and timekeepers receive a token payment in recognition of their commitment to the Conference
  • Before departing Conference examines the penultimate account with the Hotel Management
  • Fourth Phase: Chase all outstanding accounts payable by Branches and delegates for expenses incurred not previously invoiced
  • Write to Insurance Brokers reminding them of their Sponsorship donation to Conference
  • Acknowledging all payments received by Assoc
  • Complete balancing account with Branch following Conference
  • Examine the final Hotel account, agree, and pay accordingly
  1. General Administration for Association
  • Constant liaison with the Department of Justice on membership matters in particular ensuring monthly and quarterly Printouts are furnished and filed.
  • Monitoring payments (which are paid directly into Association Accounts) from the Department of Justice in relation to all insurance deductions for serving and retired members as well as serving members subscriptions.
  • Communicating with Department on specific matters raised by members and seeking their advice on these issues.
  • Preparing for National Executive meetings and taking action on outcomes of meetings.



Your salary will be as agreed by the National Executive, payable monthly in arrears after deduction of PAYE and PRSI payments and all other lawful or authorised deductions. This salary will be adjusted in accordance with any National Wage Agreements.



Your normal working hours will be from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00p.m, each day Monday to Friday. You will be entitled to one hour for lunch. You may be required to work additional hours to these depending on the reasonable requirements of the Employer. In the event of you work such additional hours, you shall be entitled to Time Off In Lieu on the basis of 1.5 hours for every additional hour worked.



You will be entitled to annual leave plus Statutory Public Holidays.



You will be reimbursed by the Employer for all agreed expenses properly and wholly, exclusively necessarily incurred by you in the proper performance of your duties, subject to the production of evidence of expenditure satisfactory to the Employer.



The Employer shall continue to make pension contributions in accordance with the pension policy agreed with the National Executive.