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Statement from DPER Re Payment of Public Sector Wages


This following statement has been issued by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in relation to the payment issue affecting Garda member and other public sector workers and pensioners.


With regard to those staff and former staff members who bank with AIB, Ulster Bank and Permanent TSB and have not received their salary payment or pension today, the Bank of Ireland accept that the problem occurred in their processes.

They have apologised for any inconvenience to staff and to those pensioners affected.

The Bank has arranged that those Banks (AIB, Ulster, Permanent TSB) will provide funds to people who have not been paid and are in difficulties.

The Bank have confirmed that all payees will be paid today.

We have asked that, as in the previous occurrence, no staff member affected will be out of pocket as a consequence of this failure in the Bank’s processes. If members of staff incur charges as a direct result of the Bank’s error, the Bank has requested them to provide a list of Bank Details and the amounts involved so that these refunds can be facilitated by Bank of Ireland. Claims can be notified to EFT@BOI.com.

The Department is considering, with the Department of Finance, what further action will need to be taken with respect to this extremely serious issue.