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Spring Meeting of EuroCOP


The Spring meeting of EuroCOP, of which AGSI is a member, was held in Vilnius last month (April) and was attended by General Secretary, John Redmond.

Dominating the agenda was the future of European Policing and as a result of those discussions the 2025 Charter was signed by the Committee.

EuroCOP’s 2025 Charter – The Future of European Policing calls for action by the European Union, national governments, police forces, their unions and other organisations across Europe to act together to tackle the challenges faced by police forces today.

The Charter states: “We believe that by taking action now, European police forces can ensure that they have the resources, skills and capacity to keep European citizens safe and secure for the long term future.”

We would urge you all to download and read the Charter below and we welcome your feedback.

EUROCOP Charter 2025


Another major talking point at the Spring Committee was the resolution of the EuroCOP Committee on the Rights of Police Representatives to engage in social dialogue. You can read more about this by clicking the link below.

14-04-30_RESOLUTION_Social Dialogue_EN



A short video from the Sprint Committee meeting is now available to view. General Secretary of AGSI, John Redmond is interviewed at 48 seconds.