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“No Need to Legislate” – AGSI Statement on No to Croke Park II


No Need to Legislate

AGSI Say Cost Savings Can Be Achieved Internally, Not from Pay 

The demise of Croke Park II presents an opportunity to talk directly with Sergeants and Inspectors of an Garda Síochána who can offer Government real cost savings internally within the organisation.”

General Secretary of the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors, John Redmond was speaking as it emerged this evening that Public Sector Unions had clearly rejected the LRC Proposals.

While AGSI were removed from negotiations by ICTU and Government John Redmond says,“Ireland’s public sector has now spoken. We appeal to Government not to legislate. We ask them to speak directly to us, so we can offer proposals to help meet the deficit within the Garda Síochána budget.

“From the outset we believed the proposals were unnecessarily harsh in bringing our country forward. We can, and are willing to, work with Government if they give us a listening ear to present our proposals. We hope today’s vote brings Government and the public sector closer for the betterment of this country.”

The results of the Ballot on Croke Park II. Table courtesy of TheJournal.ie