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Historic Moment for AGSI with Direct Negotiations


The Irish Independent reports today that a deal for Gardai and Nurses “edges closer”.  For the first time in its 35-year history, the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors were able to negotiate directly with the Official Side on behalf of its members following meetings earlier this week between the LRC and AGSI.

Speaking ahead of a Special Executive meeting of the National Executive today, General Secretary John Redmond said, “This is a historic moment for us as we finally have had the recognition that we have always deserved – a direct hearing from the LRC. We have continually advocated this point at the original talks in Landsdowne House in January and since then vis-a-vis the media and in many contacts with Garda Management and the Government.” 

Today the National Executive of AGSI will review in detail the Document offered by the LRC before going to its membership to consider whether or not to accept it.

Read the full article by Fionnan Sheehan and Tom Brady in today’s Irish Independent here. Irish Independent Clipping14May2013