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Eddie Murphy Perpetual Trophy Presentation


On Thursday 27th February 2014 the Eddie Murphy Perpetual Trophy was presented to Superintendent Paul Moran, Ballymun for being the first member of An Garda Síochána to cross the winning line of the 2013 Dublin Marathon.

In fact this is the second year in succession that Paul has won the trophy, as he was also the first Garda to cross the winning line in 2012.  In his acceptance speech, Paul spoke of Eddie Murphy whom he knew through his work over the years. When visitors call to his house they all admire the trophy and ask him about Eddie Murphy and his story.


Eddie was fondly remembered by his family, Dolores and Naomi, relatives, friends and colleagues and many tributes were paid to him at the presentation which took place in the Officers Club at Garda Headquarters.


Jim Aughney, Dublin Marathon Director recalled his meetings with Eddie over the years as they set about arranging the Traffic Plan for the Marathon. There was always a long conversation with everyone adding their “two pence worth” recalled Jim who said that Eddie would listen for a while and then he would say this is how it’s going to be.


MC for the presentation was Inspector John Burke, Chairman of the Garda Athletic Club.


Superintendent Declan Good who worked with Eddie in the DMR Traffic Unit was grateful to Eddie for all he taught him. When Declan arrived on promotion to Traffic he knew very little about Traffic but it wasn’t long before he learned the ropes, having spent some time in Eddie’s company. He remarked on Eddie’s good sense of humour. Declan recalled a story that while clearing out a drawer in the Traffic Office they came across a photograph which included Eddie and he asked Inspector Michael O’ Connell to present it to Eddie’s wife Dolores.


Ronnie Delaney winner of the 1500 metres race in the Melbourne Olympics in 1956 was an invited guest to the presentation ceremony and was hale and hearty for a man who will be 79 years of age on the 6th March.


AGSI were represented by Vice President Larry Brady and National Executive member Brian O’Dea.

 Photos and Report by Alan Dowley

Ass Comm John Twomey Supt Paul Moran Dolores Murphy Ronnie Delaney Chief Supt Aiden Reid Insp John Burke
Ass Comm John Twomey, Supt Paul Moran, Dolores Murphy, Ronnie Delaney, Chief Supt Aiden Reid and Insp John Burke

Naomi Murphy, Supt Paul Moran, Dolores Murphy and Asst Comm John Twomey
Naomi Murphy, Supt Paul Moran, Dolores Murphy and Asst Comm John Twomey


Insp John Burke
Insp John Burke
Larry Brady, Dolores & Naomi Murphy and Brian O'Dea
Larry Brady, Dolores & Naomi Murphy and Brian O’Dea
Eddie Murphy Perpetual Trophy
Eddie Murphy Perpetual Trophy