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Commission  on  the  Future of Policing in Ireland Website Now Accepting Submissions

Commission  on  the  Future of Policing in Ireland Website Now Accepting Submissions



1 September 2017

The  website  of  the  Commission  on  the  Future of Policing in Ireland is now live and accepting submissions from individuals
 and  organisations  on  all  issues  relevant  to the Commission’s terms of reference.    These  submissions  will  form  an  important  input  to  the
 Commission’s  report  on the future of policing in Ireland, to be submitted to Government in September of next year.

The launch of the website facility is part of a broad consultative exercise being  undertaken  by the Commission nationally which will include a series
 of events and public meetings be further rolled out from this autumn.

Since  the Commission was formed in May, it has been actively preparing its work  programme,  and has held discussions with the Garda Inspectorate, the Policing   Authority   and  An  Garda  SÍochána.  Similar  discussions  and consultations  with  organisations key to the future of policing in Ireland
will continue over the coming months.

Commission members are also engaged in field study visits which will inform the Commission’s  recommendations.  These  have  included  visits to Garda stations  nationwide to draw on the experiences and expertise of frontline Garda staff.

Submissions can be made  to  the  Commission  by post (Second Floor, St. Stephen’s  Green  House,  Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin DO2PH42) or through its website (www.policereform.ie) where details of how to make a submission are set out.

In  order  to  assist  the  Commission  in carrying out its work within the timeframe  set  down  in  its  terms  of  reference,  it  is requested that submissions and views are received by 31 January 2018.


The  Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland was established by the Government  in  May 2017 and asked to carry out a fundamental review of the role, structures, leadership and management, ethos and culture of policing and existing  oversight and consultative arrangements. The Commission will report  to  Government in September 2018 with recommendations on the future of policing in Ireland.

Membership  of  the  Commission  of  the  Future  of  Policing  in Ireland: http://policereform.ie/en/polref/pages/bios

Terms  of Reference of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland: http://policereform.ie/en/polref/pages/terms_of_reference

Details on  how to make a submission to the Commission: http://policereform.ie/en/polref/pages/make_a_submission.   It is the Commission’s intention to publish all submissions received once its work is complete.  The Commission’s website contains further information on privacy and publication policy.

Further  details  of the Commission’s planned national consultative process will be publicised once confirmed.

Contact Details for the Commission:

Website: www.policereform.ie

Postal  Address:  Commission  on  the Future of Policing in Ireland, Second

Floor, St. Stephen’s Green, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin DO2PH42

Email: info@policereform.ie

Twitter handle: @police_reform