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AGSI Showing at ICTU March “Phenomenol”


Matthew and Stephen Dunphy who attended the ICTU anti-austerity March with their Dad Mick, a member of AGSI stationed in Garda Headquarters.

“Turnout Evidence Many Families Falling off Financial Cliff”

“I get paid less now than I did 15 years ago. I have 40 years service done, six children and my wife can’t work because I have one daughter with special needs. Members of AGSI are crippled with mortgages they were given on the strength of overtime and their salaries. It’s a disgrace.”

Stationed in Lucan, Inspector Walter Kilcullen and his family joined the ICTU anti-austerity March in Dublin this afternoon as he spoke of his horror at what is happening to an already over-stretched Garda force.

700 members of the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors and their families marched through Dublin city centre this afternoon sending a clear message to Government that their campaign against further cuts will not end until their voice is heard.

President Willie Gleeson described the turnout as “indicative of the anger among Sergeants and Inspectors in Ireland.”

General Secretary, John Redmond said AGSI’s campaign would continue and will only grow stronger. “The next phase of our campaign is being discussed at our National Executive meeting this week and I have no doubt today’s turnout will serve as a reminder that our members support further action.”