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AGSI Show Commissioner “The Faces Behind the Figures”


The Commissioner of An Garda Síochána was shown a 6-minute video at the 35th Annual Delegate Conference this evening depicting the harsh realities of austerity and how it has affected members of AGSI.

General Secretary John Redmond said, “I am inundated with stories of hardship from members on a daily basis so I felt it was important those stories were relayed first hand to the Commissioner.”

Responding Commissioner Callinan said: “I watched with video with great interest. I want you to bring away with you my message of commitment and continuing support. We will face these challenges together. I am confident we will overcome these issues affecting members and your families. I have listened very carefully to the issues brought to my table by your Association. I fully understand those difficulties and the experiences of families out there and the fear and anxiety that goes with all of that. I recall being in this space before in the 1980′s. Things was very tight then. It was hard to make ends meat, to put petrol in the your car, or pay your mortgage. But the principals are very much the same now.”

The video shows interviews with members of AGSI taken at the ICTU march in Dublin last month and also illustrates AGSI’s strong commitment to continuing to represent members. Click on the link below to view the video.