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AGSI Members Vote To Accept Labour Court Proposals

AGSI Members Vote To Accept Labour Court Proposals



Sergeants And Inspectors Vote To Accept Labour Court Proposals

“Proof that equitable industrial relations machinery works”


Members of the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors have voted overwhelmingly to accept last month’s proposals from the Labour Court.

The ballot saw 71% of AGSI’s 2,103 members vote, with 95% of those voting to accept the proposals which were negotiated by AGSI representatives in the Labour Court for the first time in its 38-year history.

Speaking this morning, President Antoinette Cunningham said, “the ballot result is proof that giving Gardaí access to equitable industrial relations machinery works.”

“We held a briefing seminar in Athlone two weeks ago where we went through the Labour Court proposals in great detail. What emerged from that meeting however, was that our members felt vindicated in their fight to have parity of access to the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court, both avenues previous not available to them.

“This move was of particular importance to our members and recognition of their voice by the Government and the Labour Court was very well received.

“We look forward to moving forward and helping to shape the future of the industrial relations landscape for our members for decades to come. That work is very important and we have a role to play to ensure Gardaí in the future don’t have to face an inequitable industrial relations playing field again.”